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Let’s just say that I don’t regret stepping outside if my comfort zone. I’m loving my look and it looks very natural. She’s definitely saved my amateur makeup wearing self a lot of frustration. Heck, I can get away with just mascara and gloss now!!!

~ Tiki M. C.

I’ve been contemplating getting my eyebrows microbladed for a couple of years, but I hadn’t found anyone who I felt comfortable with. All that changed when I researched The Curated Arch – I trusted Kim so much that I made the trip from DC to Birmingham for the service! Kim is friendly, informative, professional, and the space is gorgeous. She was thorough in her explanation of the process, what to expect, and follow-up care. I’m blown away by the results. If you’re in the Birmingham area or can hop a flight like I did, you won’t be disappointed!

~ Andrea L. L.

I’m in love with my brows and they’re not done going through the process. Kim is awesome at what she does!

~ Vickese K. H.

Kim Thompson did a wonderful job today on my brows!!!! Took her time to make them perfect. I am so overjoyed! She walked me through every step. Can’t wait to refer my friends to her

~ Renee S. U.

I’m thankful that I put off my decision for so long because it gave me time to find someone who is a champion for their clients and makes them feel heard and cared for throughout the entire process. Her passion and dedication for this artistry is apparent. Kim feels like an old friend the minute you meet her. If you’ve been trying to find a microblader who isnt just going to get you in and out, but rather gives such a comforting and customized experience— Kim’s your gal.

~ Megan B. H.

I had an amazing experience with Kim at The Curated Arch. I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but Kim was so knowledgeable and welcoming, I felt completely relaxed! So relaxed that I fell asleep ? #muchneeded My brows are as bomb as her choice in background music! Thanks Kim!!!!

~ Melissa W. N.

The service and experience were top notch! It’s been several weeks, and I still love my newly enhanced brows! They are now a perfect compliment to my beard. Thanks Kim!

~ Darrius P.

So very pleased with the beautiful work Kim did. My mother and I went together for a little bonding experience and the whole thing has exceeded my expectation. My face is more youthful than ever with the shape and contour that Kim so perfectly mapped out.

After years of filling in my ever-diminishing brow line I am so happy to never have to guess where my brows once were….they are back! (Truth be told the most excitement comes at night after I wash my face and still have my full set of brows and not the remnants of my 90’s poor choices.) For anyone on the fence, DO IT.

~ Mae Beth S.

I had my appointment with Kim last week! She’s a perfectionist, which is awesome! She took her time to make sure my brows were even. She continued to make sure I didn’t feel any pain during the microblading. Conversation with her flowed so easily, which helped pass time and ease my nervous. I would defiantly recommend her to anyone looking to have it done and use her again in the future.

~ Diane T.

Kim did an amazing job!!! She is patient and listens well to her client’s goals. She is meticulous with her craft and only wants the best results! Love, love, love my new brows!

~ Mandy M.

What exactly is Microblading?

Microblading is a cutting edge method of permanent makeup designed to enhance the eyebrows. It involves a certified and licensed microblading artist using a hand held tool with a very fine needle grouping to draw individual hairs, creating the illusion of full and perfectly shaped beautiful eyebrows.


Why Choose A Beauty Angels Certified Microblading Artist

Beauty Angels Academy is an American company founded by some of the most experienced master trainers of microblading. It has created a world renowned method of performing microblading that consistently produces high quality results among their trained artists.

Beauty Angels artists use proprietary techniques and instruments, as well as top quality products that enhance the results of their work.

It is highly recommended that you seek out a Beauty Angels trained artist to perform your microblading treatment.


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About Kim Thompson

Training & Experience

Kim was trained by Beauty Angel Master Trainer: Kler Rosenberg. Beauty Angel has set the highest quality standards in the industry. Which means their training process is very thorough and rigorous, with multiple levels of achievement to become a master.

Kim was such a pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail and natural artistry was apparent from the very first session. I’m so happy and grateful to know her, such an authentic and thoughtful person she is. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

– Kler Rosenberg

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