Powder Brows

A more “filled in” look. This technique adds depth & gives the appearance of more hair. Good for ALL skin types, including oily and aging/thin skin. Heals very soft and natural.


Lip blush

Ready for that perfect, smudge proof pout? Masks be damned! Lip Blush will leave you looking well kissed, a natural flush of subtle color. Giving you a pretty natural pop! Pucker up!


Combo Brow

This is the best of both worlds! I’ll curate gorgeous microbladed strokes at the front of your brow and powder the rest!
This service is best for young, dry skin. Larger pores, oily or mature skin are not candidates for this option.



Whether you’re looking for just enough to create the illusion of fullness to your lash line, or you’re wanting a bit more drama with the perfect flick of a wing and a light dusting of pixels to create a subtle shadow look… We’ve got you!


Brow Lamination

Tired of using brow gels, pomade, even soap to achieve that gorgeous instagram fluffy brow like Cara or Billie Eilish? I’ve got you covered! Brow Lamination will give that dramatic fluff you love and will last 4-6 weeks with proper aftercare.


Lash Lift

Ready to take your flirt game to the next level with megawatt lashes? Let’s get your natural lashes lifted to the Gods! Lasts 5-6 weeks with proper aftercare