Supermodel deformed by CoolSculpting™️!

Supermodel deformed by CoolSculpting™️!

90’s Supermodel Linda Evangelista recently went public with her horrific CoolSculpting™️ experience. Evangelista says that she developed a condition called “paradoxical adipose hyperplasia” (large lumps beneath the skin). While rare, this condition has become more and more prevalent with this particular cryolipolysis treatment. These unsightly lumps, often in the shape of the suction apparatus, can take up to 6 months to manifest!

How is Cryoskin™️ different than CoolSculpting™️?

❄️ Cryoskin™️ does not use suction, therefore eliminating the opportunity to create lumps! With Cryoskin™️ we use a handheld wand cooled to freezing temps and massage allowing us to literally shape and contour your body eliminating unwanted fat. There is no downtime, or soreness during or after treatment. Treatments are quick and painless permanently killing fat cells! With Cryoskin™️ you will see INSTANT measurable results with even more results seen over the following 2 weeks as the dead fat cells are flushed out through your lymphatic system. CoolSculpting™️ can take up to 12 weeks to see results, often leaving you sore and bruised and at risk for possible nerve pain.

❄️ Another amazing benefit Cryoskin™️ has over CoolSculpting™️ is that Cryoskin™️ promotes collagen formation which helps to eliminate the appearance of cellulite by improving texture, fine lines and wrinkles. Cryoskin™️ can be used nearly anywhere on the body, including the face, chin and neck. CryoFacials are definitely one of our most popular services!

❄️ Even price-wise, Cryoskin™️ is the clear winner in that it’s a fraction of the cost of CoolSculpting™️.

CoolSculpting™️ will set you back approximately $1200-$2400 per treatment for just your stomach alone! Whereas Cryoskin™️ ranges from $350-$2200 total depending on how many inches you are looking to banish!

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