Microchanneling Chattanooga Is The Fountain Of Youth You’ve Been Seeking

Did you know the The Curated Arch is the only Med Spa offering Procell Microchanneling treatments? What is micro-channeling, you ask? It is similar to micro-needling, but less invasive and more highly efficacious. Rather than using a pen like device with needles, we use a device accompanied by a disc, allowing us to pass over the entire face or any area of the body using gentle stamping movements. It presses tiny micro-wires into the dermal layers of the skin that creating a micro-wound. This very intentional creation of micro-wounds triggers the body to flood the area with collagen and elastin repairing the skin. Acne scarring? Minimized. Wrinkles and stretch marks? Filled in and tightened. Dark spots? Lightened. Skin texture? Evened out. Surgical scars? Healed!


Procell has a special sauce concoction of a serum that makes it unique in repairing the skin. During the treatment, we use a serum consisting of hyaluronic acid and growth factors that truly transform and repair damaged skin. This is a LASTING treatment that doesn’t just enhance the appearance of skin, but literally gets rid of previous scarring, aging and sun damage. These are PERMANENT results.

How Long Does It Take?

The treatment takes about an hour in total. We end each service with a soothing hyaluronic mask and red-light therapy to further promote collagen production and healing. Want a super luxe treatment? Add on a CryoFacial for ultimate collagen production value! Procell Microchanneling is truly one of our most requested and a beloved services. Our clients are obsessed with the amazing results they see!


This is another thing that makes Procell different than micro-needling. The down time for a micro-channeling session is 90 mins! You’ll experience a mild rosy tint to your skin immediately after the procedure that usually goes away in less than a day. You can use makeup the very next day. We recommend using a sunscreen on the face. For optimal results, use a high quality skincare regimen that will feed the face with vitamins and hydration to continue to heal and repair the skin.


Procell treatments are $400 per treatment on average. For the face, we typically recommend 4 treatments to achieve desired results depending on what we are trying to correct. We currently offer a buy 3 get 1 FREE package for $1200.
For body, treatments needed will vary. To maintain continual anti-aging, you may elect to do booster treatments a few times a year. What we do is permanent but unfortunately aging is not. It’s much more gentle on the skin than lasers and chemical peels so you don’t have to be afraid of doing too much and it causing more damage than good.

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– The Curated Arch

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